What Is a Receipt Number, and Where Can You Find Your Receipt Number for USCIS?

The USCIS receipt number is a unique 13-character code used to identify and track your case. It’s made up of three letters and 10 numbers.

The letters represent the USCIS service center handling your application, while the following 10 numbers indicate the date your case started and your individual case number.

You can locate this number on any correspondence from USCIS, and it’s crucial for checking your application status. This guide explains what the receipt number is, where to find it, how to interpret it, and how to use it for tracking your application.

What Is a USCIS Receipt Number?

A USCIS Receipt Number is a distinctive 13-character identifier given to each filed application. It starts with three characters, representing the USCIS service center handling the case:

  • If processed by the California Service Center (CSC), it begins with WAC.
  • Handled by the Nebraska Service Center (NSC), it starts with LIN.
  • Processed by the Texas Service Center (TSC), it initiates with SRC.
  • Managed by the Vermont Service Center (VSC), it commences with EAC.
  • For cases under the National Benefits Center (NBC), it may start with MSC or NBC.
  • Online applications begin with IOE.

The subsequent 10 numbers in the receipt number signify the case’s opening date and its unique number. You can track your case status and estimate processing time on the USCIS website using this number.

How Do You Find Your USCIS Receipt Number?

To find your USCIS Receipt Number, refer to the top left corner of the receipt notice sent by USCIS upon receiving your application.

It starts with EAC, LIN, WAC, IOE, NBC, MSC, or SRC, followed by 10 numbers. This number is essential for checking your application status.

What Is a USCIS Receipt Notice?

A USCIS Receipt Notice, officially known as Form I-797C: Notice of Action, is sent by USCIS to confirm receiving your application. It arrives at your provided mailing address approximately two to three weeks after submission.

The I-797C is not proof of granted immigration benefits but serves as confirmation that USCIS has received your application for processing.

Duration of Getting Your USCIS Receipt Number 

Anticipate receiving your USCIS receipt number roughly two to three weeks post-submission of your immigration application.

The timeline for receipt notice issuance may slightly differ based on the forms submitted and the specific service center handling your case.

Visit the USCIS website to check the current processing times for your immigration application type.

Acquiring Your Receipt Number via USCIS Phone Inquiry

Certainly, you have the option to contact USCIS at 1-800-375-5283 to obtain your receipt number.

By explaining your situation to a USCIS representative, they can assist in retrieving your receipt number. Additionally, you can request an in-person appointment through this number as the online appointment request option is no longer available.

How Do You Read Your USCIS Receipt Number?

Interpreting your USCIS receipt number isn’t necessary for its use in immigration matters, but having insight into its composition can be interesting.

The receipt number comprises various components indicating specific details related to your application processing:

Service Center Identification

The initial three characters denote the USCIS service center handling your case. Each letter code represents a distinct service center:

  • EAC: Eastern Adjudication Center (Vermont Service Center)
  • WAC: Western Adjudication Center (California Service Center)
  • LIN: Lincoln Service Center (Nebraska Service Center)
  • SRC: Southern Regional Center (Texas Service Center)
  • NBC: National Benefits Center
  • MSC: Missouri Service Center (National Benefits Center)
  • IOE: USCIS Electronic Immigration System (ELIS)

Fiscal Year Representation

Following the service center code, the subsequent two characters indicate the fiscal year when USCIS initiated your case.

The U.S. government’s immigration fiscal year starts from October 1 and ends on September 30 of the following year.

Computer Workday Designation

The next three digits in the receipt number depict the computer workday on which USCIS opened your case.

This count excludes weekends and holidays, signifying the specific workday.

Unique Case Number

The final five numbers in the receipt number constitute the distinct case number assigned by USCIS. This sequence follows the internal numbering system of the respective USCIS service center handling your case.

For instance, a receipt number like SRC 17 018 10000 would indicate an application processed by the Texas Service Center on the 18th workday of USCIS’ 2017 fiscal year, with the unique case number being the 10,000th application opened by that center during that fiscal year.

Using Your USCIS Receipt Number for Checking Application Status

Your USCIS receipt number serves as a key tool for monitoring your application progress and status throughout its processing. Keeping track of your case status is pivotal, depending on the application type and its typical processing duration. Here are various methods to check your application status and how to proceed with each:

Checking USCIS Case Status Online

The USCIS online case status tracker provides a swift means to monitor your case. Consider creating an online USCIS account for receiving timely case updates via email. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the USCIS case status checker.
  • Input your receipt number in the designated box, without spaces or dashes.
  • Click “Check Status” to view your case status on the loaded page.

Checking USCIS Case Status via Phone or Email

If preferred, you can contact USCIS through phone or email for case status inquiries:

For cases transferred to the National Visa Center (NVC) by USCIS, status updates should be sought directly from the NVC.

Utilizing the USCIS Online Account System

Certain filings, such as Form I-90 (Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card), are managed exclusively through the USCIS online account system. USCIS generates an account and sends a welcome letter with account details.

Through this system, expect updates via email and notices delivered to your mailing address.

Accessing the USCIS e-Request Portal

To make specific inquiries about your case status, utilize the USCIS e-Request portal for scenarios such as:

  • Exceeding standard processing times
  • Address updates
  • Non-receipt of essential case-related documents like biometrics appointments, Employment Authorization Documents (EADs), or green cards
  • Rectifying typographical errors on your application

Summing Up!

Your USCIS receipt number plays a vital role in tracking the progress of your immigration application.

Understanding its composition can provide insight into the processing details. Leveraging various methods like online tracking, phone inquiries, and utilizing USCIS portals allows you to stay informed about your case status.

Stay proactive in monitoring and addressing any issues or updates related to your application. Your receipt number is your key to staying informed throughout the immigration process.

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