H1B DatabaseH1B database is a useful tool for both the employer and the employee. The U.S. employers use an H1B database to employ foreign employee in specialty occupations.

To occupy an H-1B job, the foremost step is to hunt for prospective companies that have past records of sponsoring H-1B visas.

Several websites are accessible online through which you can accomplish this task seamlessly as these websites incorporate data duly published by USCIS and the US Department of Labor (DOL).



What all can be searched:

  • H-1B company names
  • Location
  • Job title
  • Average salary paid to the H-1B employees
  • Companies formerly filed H-1B petitions
  • Companies based on your preferred location

Next, make a list of companies of your choice, considering all the terms and conditions. Closely look at the pros and cons of applying in any company. Narrow down the list by revisiting the history of companies’ petitions filed each year and evaluating the number of approvals and rejections. Before applying to any company, you must hold a great and impressive CV that carries essential credentials such as your educational qualifications, work experience (if any) and more. Your work doesn’t end there. You’re supposed to write an engaging application to be sent to all the companies that reserve a place in your list. Fingers crossed, if your CV manages to impress any company, you may receive an interview call.

What is an H-1B Database?

A database that supplies a collective information on H1B visas is known as H-1B database. H-1B visas are non-immigrant visas that permit U.S. employers to temporarily hire foreign nationals in specialty occupations.

It encompasses following information regarding:

H-1B Petitions

It contains details related to the petitions filed by the U.S. employer for H-1B visas, such as he names of the companies, number of petitions filed and approved.

Wage Information

All essential data related to wage provided to both the H1B visa holders and U.S. based employees under the U.S. employer along with the prevailing wage levels for different occupations and industries.

Employee Credentials

This includes information related to the H-1B visa holder’s home country, educational qualification, experience (if any), and job titles.

Location Data

Spatial information related to the H-1B visa holder’s office, showcasing the distribution of the workers across the states and cities in the U.S.

Industry and Occupation Data

Information about the industry and occupation of H-1B visa holder is essential.

This database serves the purpose of research, employment trends analysis, immigration policy development for those looking for H-1B visa landscape including the H-1B applicants and U.S. employers willing to employ foreign nationals in specialty occupation. Agencies like U.S. Department of Labor and USCIS assist the U.S. government in maintaining and providing access to the data. Moreover, various online platforms too offer easy access to this kind of data.

How to Use and find H1B Database

Here’s a list of steps that lead you to find H-1B sponsor and job opportunities:

  1. Visit the official website of USCIS.
  2. Navigate through the “Search” option.
  3. Insert keywords “h1b jobs database”
  4. Download any relevant PDFs.
  5. Apply filters such as location, range of salary, industry, etc., to limit the search results.
  6. Find details about the past h1b approvals including the role, requirements, and data related to the employer such as the ways to contact them.

Other ways to get H-1B jobs

Find Internship in a US Company

Internships are the best medium to get H-1B jobs and sponsor. It’s easier for F1 visa holders who’re studying in the US to find a suitable internship in those companies that have sponsored H-1B petitions previously for the interns.

All you need to do is to trace internship opportunities available in the companies and begin applying for the same. Be active while attending job fairs that widen your knowledge about the companies. Another option is to utilize your individual connections to grab an opportunity of doing internship is your desired company that can later land you an H-1B job. Navigate through the past and present status of the company using technology and go one step closer to your American Dream.

Look for H-1B Jobs in Large Global Consulting Companies

It’s imperative to leave no option that increases your chance of getting an H-1B job. For better exposure, you can search large global consulting companies that hire foreign nationals on specialty occupation.

All you’re expected to do is to polish your skill in one domain such as teaching, researching, consultancy etc., broaden your expertise and experience to seal a deal with the company.

Look for a Job in a US University

If your interest lies in working in an academic or research institution in the U.S., then start looking a job when you’re on a student visa itself.

The H-1B visas sponsored by most US universities do not add to the H-1B cap, hence, you hold an additional advantage if the university grants your job position.

Just note that pros always come with cons, that is, if your H-1B visa has a university sponsor then you cannot shift to a normal H-1B sponsor like a company. Universities mostly post open roles on their websites. You can go to their website and check if any role or position suits you.

Look for relevant jobs on H1BVisaJobs.com

Search jobs on H1BVisaJobs.com website.

It includes jobs that are sponsoring H1B Visa, H1B Visa transfer and all types of work visa sponsoring jobs.

Top 4 H-1B Databases

H-1B databases gather data from all corners of the country related to H1B sponsorship from employers. All these information is entered searchable databases beneficial for the users looking for H-1B sponsorships based on the parameters they select. The followings are the four most comprehensive and popular databases:


At h1bvisajobs.com,

You can get elite Access to Your Dream Career: H1B Visa Sponsoring Employers Database!

It Includes:

H1B Sponsoring Employers: Get access to employers who recently sponsored H1B visa.
– VIP Contact Details: Direct lines to decision-makers with email IDs.
– Office address: Detailed addresses of these employers.
– Instant Connectivity: Dial in with provided contact numbers.
– Targeted Networking: Emails and roles for impactful introductions.

You Need this Access because:
– Seamless Outreach: Connect directly with potential employers who can sponsor your H1B visa.
– Dream Job Realization: Turn aspirations into reality with coveted H1B visa roles.

Get access here: https://h1bvisajobs.com/pricing/

H-1B Salary Database

The database at H1B data info provides pack of information including employer detail, city, job title and year.

The search function works very simply as in after entering a search you can organize the results related to the factors that favor you the most. This also incorporates information about the time of petition submitted and approved, pay scale and median income for the job position. Additional information of related positions can also be acquired with his data at hand.


The option of refining the search content at myvisajobs makes it more detailed and apart from other database websites.

It contents search options for industry, case number, type (renewal, employer change, a new petition, etc.) and allows you filter results for cap exemption, wilful violators, and H1B dependents. It can help you in the best way if you’ve a particular kind of employer or position in mind.


There’s a similarity between Visadoor and H1B data info databases as far as search function is concerned.

It includes employer name, job title, work state, and fiscal year and offers a list of updated H-1B petitions characterized by date for you to find a potential sponsor filing petition in the recent time.

Advice from H1Bvisajobs.com

To get an H-1B job you need to be extra cautious and ready to follow the tips cited below:

  1. Strong resume that is frequently updated with your skills.
  2. Customize the application based on the requirement of job you’re applying for.
  3. Make use of your connection to be faster in getting a job, or else, build your connection.
  4. Dedicate considerable amount of time in job search, make a list, and apply in.
  5. Spend good time in creating a good CV or take professional assistance for the same.

It’s advisable to be alert about the whole process. Remember, we’re always there to assist you in whatever ways we can. Right from making an impressive CV, writing applications, to preparing you for the interview, we’ve your back.

How to Apply for H-1B Database Jobs

Here is the list of steps to be followed for applying to H1B jobs:

  1. Check Eligibility: Prior to any process, ensure that you fulfill all potential requirements set for H-1B visa applicants as listed by the USCIS.
  2. Prepare your Resume: Make a comprehensive resume that shows your qualifications, skills, expertise, and work experience related to the kind of H-1B positions you’re willing to apply in.
  3. Search for Jobs: Utilize the H1B jobs database that provides you access to jobs and positions affiliated to the desired skills and interests.
  4. Select Suitable Jobs: Choose the job from the search results that suits you.
  5. Read Job Details: Reading the job credentials carefully is highly essential before you pick a wrong option that land you in an unfavorable circumstance.
  6. Write a Cover Letter: We recommend you to prepare a cover letter along with the application tailored to the requirement of the job as well as the company


Using the H-1B database wisely is a pre-requisite to guarantee a stable job and life at the United States. Many potential applicants fall into the wrong trap of false assurance.

hence, consulting an experienced attorney is highly recommended. With the expertise of immigrant lawyers at h1bvisajobs.com, you can relax and focus on sharpening your skills and widening your knowledge.


Is there a reliable database for H1B jobs?

Definitely! The urgent surge in the demand for H-1B jobs has led to the development of a unfaltering and inclusive database featuring H-1B job listings. Such database (also called the H-1B Jobs Database) is a single platform that conveys information regarding H-1B job opportunities across various industries and places in the U.S. The U.S. Department of Labor and USCIS maintains it with cordial collaboration with employment agencies, guaranteeing its precision and reliability.

How can I access an H-1B jobs database?

There are several online platforms and job portals that are especially designed for the H-1B job seekers, providing them comprehensive data regarding job opportunities. You may be asked to create an account before exploring available options such as attaching visa status and work experience that can be matched to get suitable job listings. One of the finest methods is to visit the USCIS website and go the specific section where employers post H-1B job openings and candidates look for accessible positions.

What types of jobs are typically listed in an H1B jobs database?

Not one but multiple jobs are listed in an H1B jobs database. To cite few examples, you can expect to get job prospects in the field of technology, engineering, research, healthcare, finance, education and more. These databases are specifically designed to cater to the needs of foreign nationals having wide range of interests and skills. It works like a bridge that combine two ends, the employers and the potentially skilled workers.

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