Mohit Singh Chauhan

Data Scientist
$110000 / year
February 27, 1994

About Candidate

I am a Data scientist with 5 years of experience in machine learning, data analysis, and statistical modeling. My expertise involves developing novel Active Learning algorithms for Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) in complex systems. I have worked on developing an automated framework to integrate ML algorithms and wind tunnel (BLWT) experiments, to study the influence of terrain on wind flow properties.

I have also contributed to developing UQpy, an open-source Python package for general UQ, as part of the SUR Group at JHU. Furthermore, I hold a master’s in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from JHU and a dual degree (B.Tech -M.Tech) in Civil Engineering from IIT Kanpur.



Ph.D. 2017-2023
Johns Hopkins University

Civil Engineering (Focus: Active Machine Learning)

M.S.E. 2021-2022
Johns Hopkins University

Applied Mathematics and Statistics (Major: Probability Theory)

B.Tech - M.Tech 2012-2017
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Work & Experience

AI Resident November 2023

 Designing and implementing machine learning models on projects for projects originating from global organizations, spanning various fields of AI and Deep Learning such as natural language processing and computer vision.  MonReader: Pattern recognition predictive model using CNN with 95% accuracy to detect page flips from low-resolution images, which provides mobile documentation digitalization experience for visually impaired people.  Potential Talents: Optimized talent acquisition processes by integrating RankNet TensorFlow (NLP) into a machine learning pipeline, resulting in improved selection efficiency by 50% and reduced onboarding time.  Marketing: Developed a machine learning model using SMOTE and Balanced Bagged Classifier with Random Forest to enhance call success prediction to 80% for Term Deposit offers at a European banking institution.

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