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H1B visa holders frequently desire additional income in addition to the job that is covered by their work visa.

In the United States, especially in major cities, the cost of living can be expensive, and surviving on one source of income may not be possible. Many H1B visa holders ask if they are permitted to drive for Uber because it is one of the simplest and most convenient methods to make money in the United States.

The H1B visa’s limitations, however, prevent H1B visa holders from working as Uber drivers. So the short answer is NO. We (H1BVisaJobs.com) have been asked this question numerous times. We cover here why and more details.


What Are the Work Restrictions for H1B Visa?

There are certain limitations on the type of money you are allowed to make in the United States because the H1B visa is employment-based. First off, because H1B visas are employer-specific, you are only able to work lawfully in the United States for your H1B sponsor. You must submit a new H1B petition if you intend to work in the United States for any other employer, and you cannot begin employment with the new employer until the new petition is accepted.

Additionally, unless specifically granted by the USCIS, the spouse and dependents of an H1B visa holder are not legally able to work in the United States.


Can you Drive Uber on H1B?

No, H1B visa holders cannot drive for Uber due to H1B visa job restrictions. Even if H1B visa holders can fulfil all of Uber’s requirements (such as owning a specific kind of car, holding a licence, and having an SSN), driving for Uber would go against the rules of their H1B visa.

When there are no American prospects available, employers can hire foreign labour thanks to the H1B visa. Employers must demonstrate to the USCIS that they searched for an American candidate with equal qualifications before hiring a foreign worker on an H1B visa. 


What Are the Work Requirements for Uber?

To drive for Uber, you require more than just a car and a licence. Uber has a lot of minimum standards for the kind of car, how old it must be, and other factors. You have to

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Possess a U.S. driving permit for at least one year, or three years if you are under the age of 23.
  • Own a four-door vehicle that is less than 10 years old (but in some cities, cars can be up to 15 years old).
  • Have a driver’s licence issued in your home state Have auto insurance that is registered in your name
  • Possess state-issued licence plates and current registration
  • Possession of a Social Security number
  • Withstand an investigation
  • Withstand a driving record check


Final Thoughts

If your visa is employer-specific, you cannot work as an Uber driver in the United States. This puts some H1B visa holders in a difficult situation if they don’t make enough money from their jobs to support their living expenses.

On an H1B visa, one is allowed to work two jobs, but each position needs its own H1B petition and sponsor. If you do receive a second job offer and a visa sponsor, you won’t need to apply for the H1B visa lottery again, but you cannot begin working in the new position until the petition is approved.

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