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This position will serve as the Dorothy P. Flint (DPF) 4-H Camp Admin/4-H Camp Director for Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Nassau County and will work under the direction and supervision of the Executive Director. This position will be responsible for the overall management of Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Nassau County’s DPF 4-H Camp located in Riverhead, New York. The camp features an eight week (+/-) summer residential youth camp season as well as day camp programs in environmental education, leadership training, and related 4-H youth programming in shoulder seasons. Responsibilities include: managing and promoting the use of camp facilities, preparing for the summer camping season with moderate discretion, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, training and supervision of seasonal staff, scheduling of camp-related functions, 4-H education program responsibilities utilizing research-based materials, management of off season rentals, accreditation, and general supervision of the facility. This position will assist as needed with facilities. This position will be responsible for enhancing 4-H Programs, resources and collaborations in all assigned areas of 4-H Youth Development programming, and will be responsible for the implementation of innovative 4-H programming with a high level of discretion, in accordance with the 4-H Youth Development Program Area’s Plan of Work. This position will work towards and maintain ACA accreditation. This position will be responsible for maintaining all Department of Health standards. This position will directly supervise the following positions in the Youth Development Program Area: Camp Maintenance, Farm Supervisor, Association Temporary Program positions as needed, including the summer residential camp staff at DPF 4-H Camp.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Experience relevant to the role of the position.
  • Valid Driver’s License and the ability to meet travel requirements associated with this position.
  • Per the New York State Department of Health, must be over the age of 25.
  • Knowledge of the American Camp Association guidelines and standards.
  • Ability to work flexible hours which may include evenings and/or weekends, as appropriate.
  • Experience managing staff and creating age appropriate lesson plans in a wide range of instructional areas such as physical education, art, theatre and academic enrichment.
  • Demonstrated experience in effective supervision and management with ability to supervise, train and motivate staff of all ages and levels of experience.
  • Ability to interact with camp families and the general public in a professional manner at all times.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Familiarity of subject matter appropriate to area of programming (4-H Youth Development).
  • Familiarity with principles, theory, research and application of youth camping environments (summer camp, residential camp, and camp programming).
  • Demonstrated initiative, reliability and dependability.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, teach and evaluate informal educational programs through a variety of delivery methods to reach individuals and groups; adults and youth.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively through oral, written and visual means.
  • Demonstrated ability to utilize computer technologies for education and communication purposes.
  • Demonstrated ability to participate in professional team efforts with volunteers and staff.
  • Demonstrated ability to supervise and lead programming.
  • Demonstrated ability to relate to diverse audiences.
  • Experience with Cooperative Extension or other similar educational organizations.
  • Current American Red Cross certification in First Aid / CPR / AED and/or EMT.
  • Excellent understanding of Environmental/Conservation/ Outdoor Recreation Education.
  • Strong teaching skills and group facilitation skills.
  • Lifeguard Certifications and certification as a Lifeguarding instructor and ability to certify others.

Program Responsibilities:


  • Apply 4-H youth development subject matter knowledge to provide input in the development of educational strategies for all assigned 4-H Youth Development programs.
  • Influence the creation of program materials to address the needs of the youth participants at camp and within 4-H programs.
  • Using 4-H research-based curriculum, develop all programming at DPF 4-H Camp.
  • Maintain linkages with Cornell University faculty, program units and State Camp Specialist for program development guidance.
  • Participate in multi-disciplinary and multi-association team efforts to develop programs to address priority issues as appropriate.
  • Ensure that program development and related activities are within scope of the Association Plan of Work and are within the mission of Cornell Cooperative Extension.


  • Apply subject matter knowledge to create innovative lesson plans in all assigned areas of programming responsibility.
  • Teach innovative, developmentally appropriate 4-H programming with discretion in all areas of assigned programming responsibility, in accordance with the established Plan of Work.
  • Occasionally teach existing 4-H youth development programs as designed.
  • Effectively utilize all forms of mass media, including social media, for the innovative delivery of all assigned 4-H educational programs.
  • Work to foster acceptance of the 4-H Youth Development Program, methods, and policies while addressing community and individual needs and considering diverse audiences.
  • Serve as a team member and cooperate with the entire Association and 4-H Youth Development Program staff to achieve Association program delivery goals.
  • Maintain connection with Cornell University faculty, program units and State Camp Specialist for program delivery guidance.
  • Ensure program delivery is within the scope of the Association as well as the statewide Plan of Work.
  • May be involved in multi-county and/or multi-regional Camp staff team efforts to deliver educational programming.


  • Implement program evaluation as designed.
  • Interact with program participants to obtain evaluation data, to include: evaluating effectiveness of classes and instructors within program areas for all programs offered.
  • Analyze program data, and based on that analysis, assist in making improvements in programming.
  • Based on program parameters, interpret evaluation data to constituents as appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain a thorough evaluation process for DPF 4-H Camp to ensure we meet the community’s needs and meet industry standards. Communicate outcomes and make recommendations to the relevant constituencies including Executive Director, Board of Directors, Cornell faculty, county, and community leaders.
  • Ensure program evaluation is within the scope of the Association and Statewide Plan of Work.

Administrative Responsibilities:


  • Plan the delivery and structure of delivery for 4-H youth development educational program goals with discretion via various methods for all assigned 4-H Youth Development Programs, including DPF 4-H Camp.
  • Anticipate and project assigned 4-H youth development program expenses, including DPF 4-H Camp, with discretion.
  • Provide leadership for development of camper recruitment and enrollment processes including online registration, online health documents, required forms and permissions, and parent information. Assist in identifying and developing relationships with appropriate agencies, organizations, industries and community leaders for program/function.
  • Propose budget for assigned programs based on established financial guidelines and/or procedures, and provide information to the overall 4-H youth development budget process and allocate budget amounts for assigned 4-H programs, including DPF 4-H Camp.
  • With discretion, plan effective strategic marketing and mass media efforts in the promotion of assigned 4-H Programs, public affairs, events and functions.
  • Provide 4-H Program related information to the staffing plan development process.
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan for DPF 4-H Camp in cooperation with the CCE of Nassau County Marketing Committee that includes the development of materials and information to market current DPF 4-H Camp offerings as well as promote use of camp facilities.
  • Assist Supervisor with development of camp crisis management plan and emergency management procedures.


  • Provide overall management for the ACA accreditation process.
  • Provide guidance for the assigned 4-H Youth Development educational programs and program activities and ensure they conform to the Association’s Plan of Work.
  • Provide overall grant management for assigned grants and/or contracts.
  • Solve problems and resolve conflicts that arise in the assigned 4-H programs utilizing appropriate policies and procedures, as needed.
  • Allocate program resources to accomplish Association program objectives within the assigned 4-H programs.
  • Monitor assigned 4-H programs income/expenses to ensure spending is within the program budget constraints.
  • Provide management (including recruitment and selection) and supervision (including guidance, performance feedback and annual performance reviews) to designated staff, including seasonal staff at DPF 4-H Camp, in accordance with established policies, procedures and protocol, and provide regular staffing updates to the Youth and Family Development Issue Leader and/or Executive Director as required.
  • Provide oversight to Program Volunteers.
  • Monitor and schedule staff time to ensure program need is met.
  • Manage and provide oversight for the DPF 4-H Camp budget, including ordering and inventory.
  • Ensure that DPF 4-H Camp meets all Department of Health standards and maintain the needed permits for operation of camp.
  • Ensure volunteer direction and management procedures are followed according to established policies and procedures (VIP) by providing guidance, leadership and resources for volunteers and volunteer leaders including recruitment, screening, orientation, training, evaluation, and management.
  • Assist with management of off season rentals and provide supervision as needed.
  • Ensure complete confidentiality of any sensitive information regarding all campers and staff at all times.
  • Oversee inventory and purchasing of supplies.
  • Assist with management of 140 Acre Living Learning Lab property operations.
  • Manage effective emergency/crisis response to issues and communicate to applicable staff as needed.
  • Secure necessary operating permits for Dorothy P. Flint DPF 4-H Camp from agencies including the NYS Department of Health.
  • Meet quality standards of and maintain accreditation from the American Camp Association.


  • Coordinate all aspects of the 4-H recruitment, enrollment and reporting process for assigned 4-H programs.
  • Coordinate and facilitate efficient weekly registration check-in and check-out processes.
  • Coordinate 4-H fundraisers and trips as assigned.
  • Coordinate and maintain the ACA accreditation process.
  • Obtain evaluation data and program needs assessments from program participants based on existing evaluation framework and guidelines.
  • Provide complex administrative support to prepare materials for report submission to meet funding requirements.
  • Coordinate projects and ongoing outreach efforts in accordance with established Plan of Work.
  • Coordinate effective marketing strategies in the promotion of programming efforts to include, but not limited to: print media, news media, social media, and multi-media efforts.
  • Effectively maintain existing professional relationships with other agencies, organizations and businesses that promote effective communication and facilitate continued programming efforts.
  • Organize and coordinate activities related to DPF 4-H Camp Programming.
  • Coordinate all administrative aspects of DPF 4-H Camp to include, but not limited to: compilation of safety manual; coordinating the ordering and inventory of supplies (including end of year inventory), marketing of DPF 4-H Camp including brochure development and distribution, coordinating the use of camp software, and coordinating the camp staff interview process.
  • Organize and coordinate 4-H staff training and leadership training programs for DPF 4-H Camp staff.
  • Assist with the overall coordination of camp facilities, operations and programming.
  • Schedule health department, ropes course, and other facilities inspections.
  • Coordinate and compile all information and resources for the Camp accreditation process.
  • Manage overnight and day-only groups at Camp.
  • Provide administrative support for fund development activities as identified.
  • Provide information as requested to assist with preparation of reports, impact statements, and success stories on program progress and accomplishments for funders, advisory committees, Board and others as necessary.
  • Submit accurate program related expense and mileage reports in a timely manner as required.
  • Assist Executive Director with maintaining external relationships with insurer; local police, fire and emergency medical units; inspectors and compliance officers on issues of health and safety.
  • This position may require the transport of program participants and/or program materials and resources in performing position responsibilities.

Position Details:

This is a temporary, exempt, full-time position, 100% FTE, 40 hours per week. The annual salary for this position is $58,500.00 depending upon experience. This position, based on eligibility, offers a comprehensive benefit package, to include: health and dental insurance, NYS retirement, vacation and sick leave.

Pay Rate Type: Salary


Review of applications will begin immediately. Position will remain open until qualified pool of candidates is obtained.


Complete Temporary Application and send with resume and cover letter to:

Contact Erika at eh482@cornell.edu with questions.

No relocation or VISA Sponsorship available.

The Association may make reasonable accommodations to enable applicants to participate in the hiring process and employees to perform the essential functions of their job. If you require an accommodation so that you may participate in the selection process you are encouraged to contact Cornell Cooperative Extension Administrative Systems at (607) 255-6120, or via email at: cce.recruitment@cornell.edu.

Cornell Cooperative Extension is a collaboration among Cornell University, the United States Department of Agriculture, the State of New York, and the residents of New York State. Per NYS Law, county and regional extension service associations are subordinate government agencies. This employment opportunity is with the entities listed and not with Cornell University.

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